Abia State wanted coronavirus patient finally arrested

Abia State wanted coronavirus patient

Abia State wanted coronavirus patient finally arrested today as confirmed by the abia state commissioner for information earlier this morning

9jatalkative reports that the commissioner for information in abia state, Chief John Okiyi-Kalu made this revelation via a new statement released

He revealed that the index coronavirus patient in abia state who had absconded from isolation earlier this month

The coronavirus patient identified as Vincent prosper called the abia state government that he was noticing the COVID-19 symptoms

When the abia state government sent members of the health commission to the location he was nowhere to be found 9jatalkative reports

According to the coronavirus patient, he said:

“when I saw the ambulance and the fully kitted medical practitioners, I got scared of being lockdown and I ran away”

“I didn’t want to be locked up so I ran away from my house when they arrived”

The commissioner for information in Abia state revealed that the coronavirus patient gave two wrong locations which caused the abia state government to involve a security agency

The security agency later found the man, Vincent prosper at an undisclosed location

That is where he was captured and moved into isolation for further testing

The commissioner for information said:

“Vincent didn’t want us to test him after calling us earlier that he was experiencing the symptoms of the virus”

“We tracked him to his location and he wasn’t there, his lines were also off and we declared him wanted, later on he sent us another location along Nnamdi Azikiwe road and he also wasn’t there”

“This led us to enlist a security agency who helped us track him down and bring him to us for Futher testing”

On Friday, president Buhari’s chief of staff died from the dreaded coronavirus in Lagos state

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