Altered carbon season 2 download here

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Altered carbon season 2 download here as we follow the story of Takeshi Kovacs who is a political soldier turned murder investigator

From what we see in the movie it is set in a futuristic environment of over 300 years into the future

The story focus majorly in a city which is identified as bay city in the year 2384 in the future

Takeshi Kovacs is the lead actor in the story, he is the only survivor in an army which attacked the world order and failed

With him being the only survivor he is used as a mercenary by the wealthiest members of the society who are identified as meths

Altered carbon season 2 (download here).png
Takeshi Kovacs

He manages to live through the attack and is offered a chance at redemption now in a new sleeve in the second season

The story shows that memories are stored in discs known as stacks which can be used to restore a person even after a person is killed

The bodies and body properties are known as sleeves in the future world looking into over 300 years beyond now

Takeshi Kovacs is offered a chance at life again finding his purpose in the second season in looking for the love of his life

Quellcrist Falconer got missing in the last part of the first season leading to the search from Kovacs

Altered carbon season 2 (download here).png
Takeshi Kovacs in new sleeve

In the first season we notice that the consciousness of a man can be transferred and viewed by anyone who has the disc

And the richest could live forever just by storing their consciousness on satellites just incase they happen to be killed

This is the reason they are branded with the name Methuselah for practically living forever 300+ years into the future

Altered carbon season 2 (download here) below:

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