Breaking news: APC disqualifies Edo Governor Obaseki from Edo elections

APC disqualifies Edo Governor Obaseki

APC disqualifies Edo Governor Obaseki

APC disqualifies Edo Governor Obaseki Godwin from contesting in the next primary elections in Edo state which is set to hold on June 22, 2020 in the state

The All Progressives Congress (APC) on Friday disqualified Governor of Edo state, Godwin Obaseki, and two other aspirants from contesting the APC June 22 elections.

Sun news earlier reported that the APC announced that Pastor Ize-Iyamu, Pius Odubu and Osaro Obazee were qualified to contest for the primaries on June, 22

The APC disqualifies Edo Governor Obaseki which has sparked massive reactions all over social media following the announcement

However, other candidates such as matthew Aigbuhuenze Iduoriyekemwen and Chris Ogiemwonyi were disqualified along with Governor Obaseki Godwin

Before being disqualified, Governor Obaseki had expressed concern before the screening committee saying that he will not get justice from the National Working Committee (NWC)

The National Working Committee (NWC) which is led by Adams Oshiomhole disqualified the Edo state governor, Obaseki Godwin

Reacting to the update that APC disqualifies Edo Governor Obaseki said:

“The last time I came here, I asked that Oshiomhole recluse himself from the process in the interest of peace and justice.

But as a party man, I have had to go through the screening like everybody else.”

“Since he is the judge and the jury in this matter, I will just wait for the outcome of the screening, I have given them all the information they need

The controversial certificate from the University of Ibadan has been tendered.

“Like I said, as a party man I have engine through the screening process but I do not believe that I will get justice because Comrade Adams Oshiomhole is an interested party in the Edo process.

“One of the questions that was asked was why did I issue a gazette that will prevent the party from performing direct elections in Edo.

That did I not see it as an anti party activity? I just felt that if we put politics above the the lives of the people of Edo State, the we may be missing the point,” he lamented.

However, the Chairman of the Screening committee, Prof Jonathan Ayuba, hinged Obaseki’s disqualification on defective certificate while speaking at a world press conference at the party’s secretariat

“This assignment came in at the most difficult times of democracy in this country.

The issue of trust in the electoral process, nomination process and the task we were given was considered by the committee as extremely difficult but we accepted because of the nature of process.

“We accepted the job not because of APC but the country and we are staking our integrity, the integrity of the process in this country in order to arrive at what we have done.

Mr Chairman, our report is conclusive. Every member signed and has agreed with what we have decided at the committee level.

This is essential because we want to be judged by what we have done and what we are presenting.

“We were thorough in the manner in which we conducted the exercise. We recorded live the interaction with each of the aspirants.

The unedited clip is what we are giving as part of our report. We want to be judged by what we have done and not by what a third party says or by rumour.

“The methodology we used is clear. It was evidence-based, all we did was an interaction. We screened six aspirants, three were eligible to contest and three were deemed ineligible to participate.

The first candidate was Osaro Obaze, the committee after screening and the verification of the candidate’s documents, found him eligible to contest the primary. Based on the committee’s observation above, the candidate is cleared

“On Chris Osa, the name on all the certificate presented by the aspirant are in contradiction with one another.

Also the sworn declaration of aged deposed to by one Captain Steven on June 3, 2016 bore two conflicting names of the aspirant.

Considering the discrepancy in all the certificates presented and also the difference in the names contained in the sworn affidavit of June 2016, and having regards to the federal republic of Nigeria, the Electoral Act, APC constitution and the party’s guidelines

For the nomination of candidates and the reliance on the cases that have been settled by the supreme court and the court of appeal, it is the considered view of the committee that this aspirant does not meet the requirement to participate in the primary of the APC.

In view of the findings of the committee above, Engr Chris is not cleared,” he said.

“Though, His Excellency, Godwin Obaseki in his nomination form claimed to have obtained a Higher School Certificate (HSC) from an Institute of Continuing Education, Benin

It was observed however that no educational certificate such as Higher School Leaving Certificcate is known in Nigerian educational system.

“Even then, the same HSLC was never presented in the course of the screening exercise.

The aspirant admitted that he has never collected it, the attestation from the Institute of Continuing Education, Benin fro.

where the alleged HSC which was indicated in the field of attendance as obtained is of no consequence, as it only attests that Obaseki was a student of the Institute.

So what we had was like an It was just an attendance, it was not a result.

Although, the Committee received a petition on his University of Ibadan Bachelor of Arts Classics certificate which he submitted to INEC in 2016, when he first contested as governor

The committee on further probing was presented with original certificate issued by the University and the original was sighted.

“On the NYSC certificate dated 6th August 1980, the committee observed that he bears the name “Obasek” Godwin.

While this may be an error on the part of the issuing authority, we observed however that the aspirants has not taken any step ever to have the anomaly corrected by the issuing authority.

“In our interaction with issues raised, we concluded that HSC was defective, the NYSC certificate and based on the party’s Constitution

This has made us to recommend that the above candidate therefore, Obaseki is not eligible to participate in the election,” the defended the committee’s decision.

The national chairman urged those disqualified to seek redress from the Appeal panel after commending the committee as APC disqualifies Edo Governor Obaseki Godwin

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