Barcelona President Resigns

Barcelona President Resigns
Barcelona President Resigns

Barcelona President Resigns

Josep María Bartomeu has resigned from his position as Barcelona president along with the members of his board of directors at the Spanish club.

His position has been under fire since but the criticism of his tenure got intensified after Barcelona’s elimination from the Champions League at the hands of Bayern in a match that ended in a 8-2 loss for Barcelona and Lionel Messi’s request to leave the Spanish outfit.

The Fans of the Club started a vote of no confidence to see him step down from the presidency if a threshold of 16,250 signatures is met. This has, however, passed the threshold and the signature amassed has reached over 20,000.

He did not wait for this to take effect and resigned himself along with the members of the board of directors at Barcelona.

In a statement with the Press on Monday he admitted that he thinks Lionel Messi could lead Barcelona to Glory this season; and after claims that he was the cause of Messi’s shock request for a transfer, he said he would rather leave than see the Argentine go. For the love of the club.

Josep María Bartomeu’s tenure as Barcelona’s president was due to end next year originally. He spent 7 years as the club president.

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