Bbnaija Venita speaks on upcoming projects

Bbnaija Venita speaks

Bbnaija Venita speaks on upcoming projects in a new interview where she was asked about her role in the “unmarried” TV show which she stars on

Venita whose full name is Venita Akpofure is one of the lead actresses in the TV show, unmarried which airs on showmax

Unmarried is a TV show that explores the lives of three friends as their love lives in the television show

In an interview with Lailasnews network, Venita Akpofure speaks on the script and why she decided to go for it

She also reveals the upcoming projects which are on the pipeline for the reality star

Read a part of the interview as Bbnaija Venita speaks on the unmarried TV show and her upcoming projects below:

What made you accept the script?

I am a firm believer in connecting with women and this kind of script is very relatable and a lot more common than society likes to present. It’s always been my prerogative to be part of that voice that speaks to them, so when Uche called me to come and try out for the script I was really excited about it.

The ladies on the show have a solid friendship. What’s your take on the notion that women are their own worst enemy, and how does one go about building a solid support system?

As women we’re criticised on so many fronts more than our pale counterparts. I don’t think I agree with the notion that women are our worst enemies because I’ve had both good and bad experiences with women in and out of the workplace. Women need to trust each other more because that way it’s easier to create what can be a foundation for a solid support system, be it an organisation or a personal relationship. It’s difficult to trust another woman in an environment where society puts so many restraints on you as a woman but by and large we’re adapting and girls are coming through.

Any similarities between Venita and Nengi?

With most roles that I’m given to play, there has to be an element of something I can connect to otherwise I’m not able to translate that role properly so there definitely are some elements I connect with but I’d like to keep that private. But I can say that every girl gets her heart broken and every girl has a fairy tale dream that didn’t quite work out.

In the show, one of your co-stars puts up with a lot of disappointments from her husband. What would you say is a relationship deal breaker for you?

If a man has no drive and I mean no drive, no battery. So if he’s no more willing to try, that’s a deal breaker for me. I think the worst character trait a man can exhibit in a relationship is not to have any drive. You need to be able to captain your ship as a man; your wife needs to be able to trust and believe in your vision, decision-making and problem solving. The minute a woman that you love stops believing in any of that, it’s a miss

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