Beirut explosion video – watch horrifying video here!

Beirut explosion video

Beirut explosion video

Beirut explosion video has now been obtained as we see the horrible moment when the horrible explosion happened

The horrifying video obtained by 9jatalkative News has captured the moment a massive explosion ripped through Lebanon’s capital, Beirut earlier today

The cause of the explosion remains unknown as at the time of filing this report by us 9jatalkative news and entertainment blog

The powerful explosion took place on Tuesday and affected several parts of Beirut, sending huge plumes of smoke into the sky.

Some initial reports suggest that the explosion took place in the capital’s port area containing warehouses in the capital

Although a few ambulances were seen heading towards the scene in central Beirut earlier today, Beirut, Lebanon

A video which was posted online showed a large cloud of smoke and also destroyed buildings in Beirut

The Lebanon’s health minister, Hamad Hasan, has now spoken out on many injuries and damages which happened as a result of the horrific explosion

Watch the extremely scary video of the moment at which the explosion hit the city below

Watch the video below

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