Bill gates – coronavirus vaccine might be ready soon

Bill gates - coronavirus vaccine

Bill gates – coronavirus vaccine might be ready sooner than expected according to the founder of Microsoft and philanthropist, Bill gates

Bill gates revealed that the coronavirus vaccine might be ready sooner than was originally anticipated by health experts, 9jatalkative reports

He revealed that normally vaccines require a period of five years to develop completely

But according to the enterpreneur and philanthropist, the vaccine for coronavirus could be ready in 18-24 months at most

This means that according to Bill gates – coronavirus vaccine could be ready sooner than later

Speaking to NBC in a new interview earlier today he said:

“The best scientists are working very hard on this”

“In fact, in the last few weeks, I’ve seen signs that we may get to the optimistic side of that time projection for a vaccine”

The “the human-to-human respiratory spread is the scariest scenario.”

“I wish it had come, you know, five or 10 years later, then governments might have done the preparation to move quickly as a few governments did”

“Many countries decided that at the national level, they would orchestrate the testing” for the virus, he said.

“That hasn’t happened in the United States. It might not happen. But, you know, the access to tests is just, you know, chaotic.”

Recall that bill gates has stepped down from the Microsoft board in order to focus on philanthropy

He also revealed ways to which the American citizens can cope with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic

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