Coronavirus can spread through sex even after recovery

Coronavirus can spread through sex

Coronavirus can spread through sex even after recovery scientist have discovered traces of the virus in the semen of infected individuals after recovery from the virus

This means that the virus could be sexually transmitted between an infected person and a non infected person, 9jatalkative reports

This is a new development in the outbreak of coronavirus in the country as scientists have now confirmed that coronavirus can spread through sex

Men who have recovered from coronavirus should avoid having sex in order to avoid spreading the virus on via their sperm

9jatalkative reports that these research findings have left scientists worried that the deadly disease could be sexually transmitted between people

This has led the professional health practitioners to advise people to avoid having sex for a specified time after recovering from coronavirus disease

The study which was published in JAMA Network Open, involved 38 patients undergoing treatment for coronavirus disease at Shangqiu Municipal Hospital in Henan province.

15 of the patients provided a semen sample during the critical phase of their illness and 23 shortly after recovering from the virus

In 4 of the 15 patients with acute disease and in two of the 23 recovering patients, the coronavirus strand was found in the semen samples.

With new coronavirus cases confirmed in the country by the nigerian center for disease control, more research is being made on the virus

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