Coronavirus in Kogi state is real – Dino Melaye

Coronavirus in Kogi state

Coronavirus in Kogi state is real

Coronavirus in Kogi state is real – Dino Melaye who revealed that he Kogi state saying he knows the coronavirus patient in Kabba personally

Dino Melaye has confirmed the first case of Coronavirus in Kogi state is genuine stating that the patient is from Kabba, 9jatalkative reports

Recall that the Kogi State Government had rejected the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) coronavirus report for may, 27th 2020

On Saturday May 30, 2020 Dino Melaye who was the former senator representing Kogi West Senatorial district has confirmed the report

Confirming that coronavirus in Kogi state is real, Dino Melaye said;

“I want to announce that the Covid-19 case in Kogi is real and authentic and cannot understand why any responsible government will want to deny and invariably kill her citizens.”

“One of the cases is from Kabba and the victim is personally known to me and I cannot be part of those who will play politics with the lives of my people.”

“Coronavirua is very real but not a death sentence, if handled early enough once discovered in a patient”

“Family members of the Kabba victim who got a referral to Abuja from federal medical centre in Lokoja and all those who had contact with him should please surrender themselves for a test so as to curtail the spread.”

“Kogi State government must come down from her imaginary high horse and start contact tracing to help curtail the spread. It is illogical to think we will be free with our proximity to affected states.”

“God will hear our cry and heal our land. God bless Okun land! God bless Kogi west! God bless Kogi State.”

“Oh Lord our God, Out of your mercy and splendor, please heal the chief Imam of Kabba who is like a father to me.”

“He is a very good man from a very noble family and please touch him and by extension Okunland in particular and Kogi State in general and COVID-19 is less harmful than malaria if detected early.”

“Most cases have disappeared within 10 days of treatment and once there is a symptom please go for test and let’s all observe all protocols as laid down by NCDC.”

“NCDC has its own wahala but COVID is real, God bless us all, No soul by the resurrection power of our Lord Jesus Christ will be lost in Okun land and Kogi State, It is well with our state.”

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