Breaking news: Cynthia Morgan unfollows Davido on IG

Cynthia Morgan unfollows Davido

Cynthia Morgan unfollows Davido

Cynthia Morgan unfollows Davido on Instagram after being on the headlines ever since her outburst with Jude Okoye and co on social media

Recall that Cynthia Morgan broke out on social media after a few years of absence due to illness and personal reasons

The singer who was popular for her unique style of music has now returned to the limelight a little bit after trending for weeks

Nigerians had opened a Gofundme account to assist the singer after she revealed she got broke from treating an unnamed illness

The sensational Reggae-dancehall artiste, Cynthia Morgan, who was recently involved in a public outburst with Jude Okoye, calling him out for terminating her contract

Jude Okoye came out publicly to deny those accusations from the singer and also calling her a liar and revealing she walked away from his record label in 2016

Cynthia Morgan’s manager also came out publicly to criticize Cynthia Morgan and also call her a fraud for her actions

But today Cynthia Morgan has shocked fans as she deleted all her posts and removed followers after deleting all her posts on Instagram including Davido

Recall that Davido offered to help her get back into the limelight by doing a song with her and helping her promote it a few weeks ago

But just recently Davido announced just recently that he will be changing his number and cleansing up his life

This may have influenced the decision made by Cynthia Morgan to unfollow him and also delete her posts on Instagram

The singer has taken down all her posts on the photo-sharing platform, Instagram, and also unfollowed everyone on her account.

Breaking news: Cynthia Morgan unfollows Davido on IG
Photo from her Instagram account

Cynthia Morgan is yet to reveal why she took the action on her Instagram account earlier today on social media as Cynthia Morgan unfollows Davido on IG

Recall that she had changed her name from Cynthia Morgan to madrina Which also brought a lot of reaction on social media

This has prompted a lot of reactions amongst her fans all over the country and in the world at large following her action

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