Dencia mocks hushpuppi over his arrest by FBI

Dencia mocks hushpuppi

Dencia mocks hushpuppi over his arrest by FBI

Dencia mocks hushpuppi over his arrest by FBI recently after the popular nigerian celebrity defrauded people of over 168 million naira

The Cameroonian singer, Dencia has reacted to hushpuppi’s arrest and made mockery of him saying atleast her bleaching is legal.

According to Dencia, a day to his arrest, Hushpuppi made a post asking people bleaching not to post any “black lives matter” social media post

The post by hushpuppi did not go down well with the popular Cameroonian singer who is widely known for her cream brand, Whitinetious.

In response to the post by Hushpuppi and his arrest, Dencia wrote on her social media page;

“At least our bleaching is legal, we buy and sell legal bleaching without fear of arrest and he was arrested the day after this post.

Yop I caught me Sun bwoyz how can u be so loud, old and acting childish and doing illegal shit but always talking shit, demeaning and insulting hard working folks on top of their money you are stealing.

if u gonna be a criminal be a smooth one, u can’t be smart and dumb at the same time.

Niggas ain’t street smart, they are social media smart.”

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