FG announces new resumption date for students

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FG announces new resumption date for students amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in the country, read more on this page

The federal government of Nigeria led by the president, Muhammadu Buhari has announced a new date for students to resume school

President Buhari earlier stated that students in universities and polytechnics will be allowed to resume school on May 4th, 2020

This was earlier announced by a spokesman for the federal government but the FG has revealed that this no longer viable due to increasing infection counts of coronavirus in Nigeria

Recall that the presidency placed a mandatory lockdown on Lagos, Abuja and Ogun state last month following the outbreak of the virus

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus in Nigeria, students resuming on the 4th of may, 2020 is no longer a possibility according to the federal government

The federal government however reveals that a new date will be communicated to students all over Nigeria soon 9jatalkative reports

Recall that the academic union of universities, ASUU is still on strike despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic

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During the meeting between ASUU and FG

This means that even if the FG announces new resumption date for students in Nigeria, it will still be subject to an ASUU decision

The strike initially started as a two week warning strike but got extended as there was no favourable resolution in the meeting between the academic union and the FG

With a lot of students voicing out concerns about staying at home and many calling for school to resume, the federal government has made this announcement

FG announces new resumption date which will be subject to the containment of the dreaded coronavirus which is ravaging the country

The nigerian center for disease control reveals that there are now over 300 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Nigeria

9jatalkative will update you when the new date for resumption is announced by the government

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