German minister commits suicide over coronavirus worries

German minister commits suicide over coronavirus worries.png
The German minister

German minister commits suicide over coronavirus worries, Thomas Schaefer took his own life after reportedly getting worried over the COVID-19 outbreak

The minister of hesse state was found near a railway track lifeless, this led to Wiesbaden prosecution’s office suggesting it was sucide

Thomas Schaefer is said to have grown serious concerns about the possible recession which will affect the country

The head of the Wiesbaden prosecution’s office Mr Bouffier in a statement said:

“We are in shock, we are in disbelief and, above all, we are immensely sad,”

According to him the investigation is still ongoing and more details will be provided soon

The virus has now claimed over 500,000+ lives all over the world with Italy recording over 800 deaths in just 24 hours

German minister commits suicide as he is reported to have seen the charts and the consequence of the dreaded coronavirus

This has led to massive support from all over the world with the USA sending out relief funds to the country

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