Ghanaian actor dumps bible and Quran in toilet (Photo)

Ghanaian actor dumps bible and Quran in toilet (Photo).png

Ghanaian actor dumps bible and Quran in toilet (Photo)

Ghanaian actor/comedian King Nana Tonardo dumps bible and Quran in toilet calling them outdated slave manual.This single act has sparked outrage on social media including his supporters and non supporters.

King Nana Tonardo shared a picture of the Holy Bible, Quran and Torah in the toilet on Instagram with caption;

This is where they belong because this slave manual is outdated.

Check out the Post Below:

Peoples reactions:

If he didn’t create any book kraa, he chose ppl to write it ,so do not do that to the books cus in it are his words,and it’s like God is telling u smth and u don’t listen, so pls ask for forgiveness  – _lilboaty

Okay Tornado, I understand your views and all and I can agree with you to some extent.. What is wrong is trying to downgrade other people’s beliefs just to make yours appear like it’s the best.. We understand if you won’t belong to any, it’s totally fine.. But everyone is entitled to make their choice and once their beliefs works for them, they are all right.. The point is,whatver you put your faith and beliefs in, does it work for you as an individual??.. If yes, you’re right and that’s all..- r_enam_

Common sense is believing in things Faith will tell you not to .臘 For dust u are and unto the dust u shall return. We came with nothing so we shall leave empty handed. The BIBLE is the true word of God. Let us not forget what the bible said, that there may be a time we’ll find is harder to just hear the word of God . The Bible has Won GOD HAS WON INDEED . Glory – emery_smile

In his line of Defense he said:

I believe that there’s a Creator but Not the one in your Bible (Story Book) The creator hasn’t written any book yet

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