Homeland TV series season 8 released download here

Homeland TV series season 8

Homeland TV series season 8 is released and you can download all the full episodes of homeland season 8 here on this page

Homeland follows the story of Carrie Mathison who is a central intelligence officer with a bipolar disorder

It centers around a former United States of America sniper, Brody who was initially captured as a prisoner of war by the terrorists

Brody is then converted into one of the terrorists and then poses a direct threat to the united states of America

Homeland is based on Gideon Raff’s TV Series titled prisoners of war and is further developed by Howard Gordon

Homeland TV series season 8 is based on Saul who is now a national security adviser to the United States of America Presidency, Warner, is sent to Afghanistan to engage the Taliban

Saul is sent to carry out peace negotiations with the Afghanistan terrorist group

Although he needs assistance from Carrie Mathison, who is recovering from her sentence in a Russian prison.

Homeland has been rated very highly since it first aired online with Rotten tomatoes giving the TV show a high rating of 85%

Popular TV showing rating website TV.com also rates the television series highly with a rating of 8.7/10

Since the television series first aired online aired it has received a lot of positive reviews all over the world since it first got released

Homeland has also won multiple awards including the golden globes award for best television series (drama)

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Download Homeland TV series season 8 below

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