Breaking! Hushpuppi to be released to Nigeria – Interpol

Hushpuppi to be released to Nigeria

Hushpuppi to be released to Nigeria

Hushpuppi to be released to Nigeria as confirmed by the International Police, INTERPOL who also confirmed that he will be tried for fraud charges

The International Police, INTERPOL has revealed that Instagram celebrity Raymond Igbalodely who is also known as Hushpuppi will be released to Nigeria

Hushpuppi who is based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is set to face a reported multiple count fraud charges after his recent arrest

The Commissioner of Police (CP) INTERPOL, Garba Umar also disclosed yesterday while confirming the arrest of Igbalodely whose real name is said to be Ramoni Igbalode.

The INTERPOL is also tracking the other accomplices in the alleged fraud scheme who are living in Nigeria to bring them to justice, the Nation reports.

He said:

“It is true that Hushpuppi was arrested by the INTERPOL and we are currently working on bringing him to Nigeria to face charges of fraud.”

“Some of the offences were committed here in Nigeria and he has to answer for them. He is not alone in it and there are accomplices in the country who we are currently on their trail”

Hushpuppi who is known for his infamous display of wealth on social media was arrested three days ago for reportedly hacking into the United States (USA) unemployed database

He reportedly posed as citizens qualified for unemployment funds from the United States of America given due to the coronavirus pandemic

Hushpuppi and his accomplices in Nigeria, Dubai and other countries allegedly defrauded the US of over $100 million which was meant for Native Americans

The funds was meant to assist the native Americans in the fight against the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in the world

The Nation Online also reports that his arrest came three days after he posted a picture of his newly acquired 2020 Rolls Royce car

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