I have the coronavirus cure – Nigerian professor

I have the coronavirus cure - Nigerian professor

I have the coronavirus cure – Nigerian professor who revealed that he has developed a coronavirus cure and will treat people for free, read more here on this page

The nigerian professor revealed that he now has the cure to the dreaded coronavirus disease and is willing to freely treat some persons

According to the professor identified as Israel Adeleye also confirmed that he will only treat people if the nigerian government permits him

Israel Adeleye is a former lecturer and now a private researcher and has now developed a cure for coronavirus

He was a former employee of the Ahmadu bello university teaching hospital (ABUTH) but quit to pursue his own research

The Nigerian professor also revealed that it took him three days to discover and develop the cure for coronavirus

He also assured that the coronavirus cure will bring an end to the outbreak of coronavirus all over the country and in the world at large

I have the coronavirus cure - Nigerian professor
I have the coronavirus cure – Nigerian professor

This coronavirus update was first reported by The Guardian who also confirmed that five coronavirus patients have been treated with the coronavirus cure

The nigerian professor, Israel Adeleye who is also a parasitologist revealed that he will gladly use the cure on humans in front of the cameras

According to him, the coronavirus does not affect animals and this means that clinical trials cannot be carried out on animals but humans

He said:

“We have now successfully cured five patients of coronavirus, just yesterday a patient was brought to me, he was breathing heavily”

“He was given a dosage of the cure and within a few minutes he was already feeling better”

“Though for now we cannot assure how long the cure will give immunity to the patient, it is better to stay in quarantine and maintaining social distance”

Recall that yesterday the president of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari revealed that the lockdown will now be extended for another two weeks

The coronavirus cases in Nigeria as reported by the nigerian center for disease is now over 300 confirmed cases with over 70 recovered patients

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