Is Kim Jong-un dead? China sends doctors to North Korea

Kim Jong-un dead

Is Kim Jong-un dead? as China sends doctors to check on him in North Korea following his notable absence in vital events in the country

The president of North Korea, Kim Jong-un is dead according to popular television network HKSTV Hong Kong Satellite TV

There have been several suspicions that Kim Jong-un may have died after a heart surgery, this might be true due to his absence from recent events in the country

Opinions and speculations have been flying around all over the country as the difficult president failed to make an appearance recently

The Chinese government have now sent a team of doctors to North Korea to check on the president

China sent the team to North Korea and a few medical experts to check on Kim Jong-un as reported by sources in North Korea

The decision of the Chinese government to send the team of doctors to North Korea has sparked up controversy as to the health status of Kim

Kim Jong-un’s health condition is still a mystery with many people around the world eagerly asking if Kim Jong-un is dead

The team of doctors is led by a senior member of the Chinese Communist party’s international liaison department

Following reports that Kim Jong-un is dead, Chinese doctors have now been sent to check on his health status

Medical experts and a few doctors from China left Beijing for North Korea according to a the sources from north Korea who told the Reuters

Daily NK, which is a news network located at Seoul earlier reported that the North Korea president underwent a heart surgery last week

The news network also reported that the North Korean president is currently recovering from surgery although not confirmed publicly

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