Iyanna Mayweather in jail, faces up to 99 years jail time

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Floyd Mayweather’s daughter, Iyanna Mayweather in jail and faces up to 99 years jail time for stabbing her boyfriend’s ex , read more here on this page

She stabbed her boyfriend’s Ex at his home earlier this month following an altercation between the pair

9jatalkative reported the incident between Floyd Mayweather’s daughter and Lapattra Jacobs who got stabbed multiple times by Iyanna

The altercation which happened at the home of her boyfriend, a rapper popularly known as NBA YoungBoy

The incident reportedly took place on Saturday last week when Iyanna Mayweather met NBA Youngboy’s Ex, Lapattra Jacobs at his home

She asked Lapattra to leave and the mother of Youngboy’s kid, Jacobs refused prompting the altercation between the two ladies

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Iyanna Mayweather

The incident took place in Youngboy’s kitchen where Iyanna Mayweather picked up a knife and repeatedly stabbed Lapattra Jacobs

She was arrested and subsequently arraigned in court with an aggravated assault and a felon charge which landed Iyanna Mayweather in jail

TMZ also reports that Iyanna Mayweather is represented by the famous attorney, Kurt Schaffer

Kurt Schaffer has also represented some famous celebrities in the past including Rap A-Lot records, Slim Thug and Pimp C, The blast reports

Iyanna Mayweather is charged with aggravated assault with a weapon which could get her a heavy sentence of up to 99 years for Iyanna Mayweather in jail

However, due to the fact that she has no previous recorded criminal history, this means that it is highly unlikely she’ll spend the duration in jail

She could be fined a sum of above or below 10,000 dollars or face a jail time of up to 99 years

Her attorney, Kurt Schaffer released a statement on the Celebrity’s current condition saying:

“Iyanna Mayweather is doing fine, though she still remains a bit shaken up by this unfortunate incident”

This is the statement from her attorney, Kurt Schaffer to Bossip News on Iyanna Mayweather’s condition

9jatalkative reports this news update of Iyanna Mayweather in jail which is also confirmed by Lailasnews network

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