Jude Okoye reacts to Cynthia Morgan story (video)

Jude Okoye reacts to Cynthia Morgan

Jude Okoye reacts to Cynthia Morgan story

Jude Okoye reacts to Cynthia Morgan story in a new interview with Tunde Ednut earlier today as he lifted the lid on the Cynthia Morgan story

Music producer Jude Okoye has come on Instagram to tell his side of the story with singer, Cynthia Morgan after the singer opened up on their relationship

Recall that Nigerians all over the country have decided to help Cynthia Morgan come back into the limelight again following her timeout

Earlier today, the reggae and dancehall singer, Cynthia Morgan had trended on social media after she went live on Instagram to accuse Jude of holding on to her name, 9jatalkative reports

She also accused the popular nigerian music producer, Jude Okoye of not renewing her contract with him when it expired in 2017

She also alleged that the elder brother of the former music group, Psquare claimed ownership of her social media pages, including Instagram and YouTube.

9jatalkative reports that in his live video with Tunde Ednut, Jude Okoye revealed that none of that was true and the singer left his label since the year 2017.

Read the full transcript from the interview between Jude Okoye and Tunde Ednut as Jude Okoye reacts to Cynthia Morgan story

On Cynthia Morgan

“I shot 13 videos, each worth 2.5M. If I have not made my N40 M, why the fuck should I allow you go? How will I get back my money?”

“Did I chase her with a court injunction? No. What exactly did I do wrong? I shouldn’t have let you go when I left?”

“Your contract hasn’t expired and you left. I let you go. Before she left, she wanted to change her name to Madrina says it means ‘Godmother, I advised against it”

“Jude Okoye: I don’t own her name, Cynthia Morgan, I never wrote her contract, she brought it and I signed.”

“I have spent over N40M on Cynthia Morgan. I bought her the white Range, I bought land for her mother, She played secret shows and kept the money, but her manager said no.”

“Tunde: Davido says she should call him, Do you still have a valid contract with her?”

“Jude Okoye: My contract with Cynthia Morgan ended in 2017, For over 3 years, Why does she still have my name in her mouth?”

“Jude Okoye: It’s impossible for me to take Cynthia Morgan’s name.”

“I don’t have the rights to her name that her mama and papa gave her. Which court wan grant me that case? I have never held anyone, She left me in 2017, and that’s that.”

Tunde Ednut: Cynthia Morgan Owes you N40M. If Davido does a song with her, is she free?

On Peter and Paul

“Peter and Paul are not fighting. Peter is angry with me because he wanted me out of Psquare. He didn’t want me as part of the group.”

“I have left Peter Okoye over 5 times, I have asked him “wetin I do you several times.” He says “no worry, no worry.”

Jude Okoye on May D

“I treated him as a brother, gave him a platform, flew him across America, put him on a show with Akon, and gave him a home in my place.”

“We treated him as family. We spent over $100k. When I saw potential, I gave him a contract and He came after 2 weeks”

He came back after 2 weeks asking that he needed incentives which included a big car, a house in Lekki, and more, just like the Square.

“I said no. Paul spoke to him, he said no and I told him to go peacefully”

Tunde: Will you ever bring Psquare back?

“Jude Okoye: Never! Peter and Paul have no problem. When two people are fighting, and one is fighting with the referee, who will settle the fight”

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Cynthia Morgan helped by Nigerians to return to limelight

Cynthia Morgan helped by Nigerians to return to limelight

Cynthia Morgan is lying - Ex Manager (See Photo)

Cynthia Morgan is lying – Ex Manager (See Photo)