Judge stops Trump’s ban on Tik Tok

Judge stops Trump's ban on Tik Tok

Carl Nichols, District Judge stops Trump’s ban on Tik Tok

Judge stops Trump’s ban on Tik Tok in a hearing that took place on Sunday.

 The US Federal Judge issued a temporary injunction at the request of Tik Tok, which the White House called a national security threat stemming from its Chinese parent firm’s links to the Beijing government.

Recall that The Trump administration order had sought to ban new downloads of the app from midnight (0400 GMT Monday) but would allow use of TikTok until November 12, when all usage would be blocked. 

The injunction is a temporary win for TikTok, which has 100 million US users.

However, the court has yet to consider the merits of the legal arguments on whether the social platform should remain available to Americans or not.

Tik Tok company said,

“We’re pleased that the court agreed with our legal arguments and issued an injunction.”

“We will continue defending our rights for the benefit of our community and employees.”

The company also said the ban was unnecessary due to the fact that negotiations were already underway to restructure the ownership of Tik Tok to address national security issues raised by the administration.

After the judge’s order, the Commerce Department said it would comply with the injunction but “intends to vigorously defend the (executive order)… from legal challenges.”

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