Lebanon government resign over Beirut explosion

Lebanon government resign over Beirut explosion
Lebanon government resign over Beirut explosion

Lebanon government resign over Beirut explosion

Lebanon government resign over Beirut explosion which killed over hundred persons (100) and injured thousands of people in the terrible explosion video

The Lebanon government has now stepped down in the aftermath of horrible explosion which happened in the port of Beirut.

At least a hundred persons were killed with thousands injured after the huge blast which smashed through Lebanon’s capital, Beirut.

Recall that 9jatalkative News earlier shared a video of the horrifying moment the huge explosion ripped through Beirut – watch video here!

The explosion which happened on Tuesday affected a lot of locations in Beirut, Lebanon

Watch the explosion video here!

The details later emerged that the blast was linked to a long forgotten stash of explosive chemicals stored at a port in Beirut, leading to violent protests across the country.

Following the new development, three cabinet ministers and seven members of parliament resigned last week following the protests in the country

News reaching 9jatalkative News today is that the Prime Minister of Lebanon, Mr Hassan Diab and his entire government have now stepped down from government

The Prime Minister Hassan Diab while addressing the nation on Monday Night in Beirut announced his resignation and that of his government following the protests

He declared that the blast was a “disaster beyond measure” as he announced that he and his government have now stepped down

In his resignation speech, Mr Hassan Diab spoke against Lebanon’s ruling political elite for growing “an apparatus of corruption bigger than the state.”

We have fought valiantly and with dignity,” he said, as he spoke about the members of his cabinet in government

He also said that the Lebanon explosion will bring a change, saying, “Between us and change is big powerful barrier.”

Watch Beirut explosion video here!

He then went on to compare the explosion to an “earthquake that rocked the country” prompting his government to resign.

We have decided to stand with the people,” he said as he and his government stepped down from leading the nation

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