Leronlimab treats coronavirus patients successfully

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News coming through today is that Leronlimab treats coronavirus, the drug has successfully treated first batch of coronavirus patients

The report which is closely followed by 9jatalkative also confirms that the drug has successfully treated the first batch of coronavirus patients

The HIV management drug has now been approved for the treatment of the second batch of patients today by new York hospital

The drug has now entered the second batch of testing to use Leronlimab to treat coronavirus patients

American Food and Drug Administration approves the HIV drug known as Leronlimab for the testing following its success on the first batch of patients

Following a report by the NY Post, the drug could be approved as a cure for coronavirus in less than four weeks potentially if it works

Leronlimab treats coronavirus.png
Leronlimab treats coronavirus

9jatalkative reports that Leronlimab treats coronavirus and may be the answer to the prayers of many as it goes into the second phase of testing by the new york hospital

Leronlimab was made by a biotech company known as CytoDyn initially as a drug to manage the human immuno-deficiency virus (HIV)

Leronlimab treats coronavirus.png
Leronlimab treats coronavirus

It has now gotten another purpose as it successfully cured severely sick coronavirus patients in a New York hospital

The CEO of CytoDyn Nader Pourhassan confirmed that Leronlimab treats coronavirus as he spoke to THE POST saying:

“I think the FDA will be willing to work with us and am hoping it will be expedited, I don’t see how the FDA couldn’t approve it.”

“With a study in China indicating the mortality rate among COVID-19 patients requiring mechanical ventilators at more than 85 percent, the world desperately needs a therapy that can help this patient population”

Using the drug Leronlimab treats coronavirus on the first batch of severely sick coronavirus patients and with its remarkable success, the CEO of CytoDyn added:

“I cried for about five minutes. It was very, very emotional and we hope to save millions of lives”

The dreaded coronavirus has now infected over a million persons all over the world with more than a thousand deaths recorded across countries in the world

In Nigeria over 200 cases have been recorded with a death rate of 5 and over 20 recovered coronavirus patients recorded by the Nigerian center for disease control, NCDC as at today

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