Man Killed in Lebanon after Interview.

Man Killed in Lebanon after Interview.

Man dies in Lebanon as tensions flare following the outcome of the aoun interview in the country.

Tensions have flared in Lebanon after President Michel Aoun urged protesters to go home, sparking a new wave of demonstrations during which a man was shot by a soldier who opened fire to disperse people blocking roads south of the capital, Beirut.

The shooting in Khaldeh on Tuesday was the first of its kind in nearly a month of mass protests calling for an overhaul of Lebanon’s political system and the departure of the ruling elite over a dire economic crisis.

The man who was killed was a member of the Progressive Socialist Party led by Walid Jumblatt, a Druze leader. Jumblatt urged his supporters to remain calm during a visit to the hospital where the man had been taken.

The victim “succumbed to his injuries” in hospital, the National News Agency said.

The army said in a statement a soldier had opened fire to disperse protesters who were blocking a road in Khaldeh, wounding one person. The soldier had been detained and the incident was under investigation as man dies in Lebanon following the interview.

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