Money heist season 4 (free download here)

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Money heist season 4 is out and you can watch it here as we follow this highly anticipated Spanish crime drama TV series

Money heist season 4 also known as la casa de papel which means house of paper in English is a TV show which follows the great heist on the bank of Spain

The bank of Spain which is known as the royal mint of Spain is the target for this multiple day heist by a group of people

It follows the story of a gang of eight persons who are named after cities in the world by their leader known as the professor

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Money heist storyline majors of the life of one of the robbers known as Tokyo (Tokio) who serves as a sort of protagonist in the television series

They try to carry out the biggest heist in the history of Spain in the television series with significant battles with the Spanish police

They also faced tough challenges with the hostages captured during the heist by the gang of eight led by the very intelligent professor

During the heist negotiations are made by the police with the gang with most of the negations ending up futile

Money heist season 4 free download.png
Money heist season 4

As the series continues, they gain new members in their gang with some coming from the hostages

Some of the hostages give complications to the gang members during the second part of the highly rated television series

During the final episodes of the third season of money heist, Tokyo (Tokio) is trapped at the bank and this has got fans all over the world in doubt I’d she will survive

This posed a big question in the mind of money heist fans all over the world

The big question is:

Is Tokyo Alive?

Watch the trailer of money heist season 4

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