Morales Arrives in Mexico as Bolivia Deputy Senate Leader Has Declared Herself Interim President

Morales Arrives in Mexico as Bolivia Deputy Senate Leader Has Declared Herself Interim President

Evo Morales vowed on Tuesday to continue “the struggle” after arriving in Mexico where he has been granted political asylum, as Bolivia’s senate seeks to end civil turmoil and fill the power vacuum left by his abrupt resignation as president on Sunday.

Morales thanked Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, a left-wing ally, saying “he saved my life,” and insisted he would remain in politics. “While I have life I’ll stay in politics, the fight continues. All the people of the world have the right to free themselves from discrimination and humiliation,” he said.

Lawmakers in Bolivia, meanwhile, were summoned to ratify Morales’s resignation and appoint deputy senate leader Jeanine Áñez as interim president.

She has declared herself interim president by right of succession despite a boycott by Morales’ party. She has found herself next in line after the resignations of vice president Alvaro Garcia Linera, the Senate president and the speaker of the lower house of Congress. Áñez promised to bring peace to the country and hold elections as soon as possible.

On Monday, the armed forces pledged to help police take back the streets from violent groups that have wreaked havoc since the controversial October 20 election that saw Morales win an unconstitutional fourth term.

Security forces deployed in La Paz on Tuesday, where Morales supporters marched through the center to congregate in San Francisco Square near the Congress.

Police announced the death of the top officer in La Paz, Colonel Heybert Antelo, whose units mutinied on Saturday. He was injured in a motorcycle accident after being “ambushed” by Morales supporters, his successor said.

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