Native doctors gather to curse prophet odumeje

Native doctors gather to curse prophet odumeje

Native doctors gather to curse prophet odumeje due to his earlier challenge of the native doctors in a new video he earlier released a few days ago

A native doctor of Arondizuogu in imo state and few elders in that village have gathered to perform a ritual to curse the controversial pastor, Odumeje

The Anambra Prophet chukwu Emeka Ohanemere popularly known as Odumeje had reportedly spoken against the late popular herbalist and native doctor, Pericoma

And the people of Arondizuogu in the video, villagers and elders can be seen sitting in the shrine as the native doctor performs the ritual against prophet odumeje in their native language.

The native doctor called upon their gods to fight the prophet odumeje with the powers of the gods for speaking against Pericoma the native doctor

This is also because he had also condemned their native rituals and practices, they also accussed prophet emeka odumeje of getting his healing powers from India

As the native doctors gather to curse prophet chukwuemeka odumeje, they said;

“This prophet cannot get his powers from a foreign land and come and test in our own land here in Nigeria”

The native doctor then went further to slaughter a fowl as be made the incantations in the native language as be made the incarnation against the controversial nigerian pastor, Emeka Odumeje

Then he said that he had invoked with the spirit of the prophet odumeje and this means dat the battle line has been drawn between the two parties

Earlier today zubby Michael denials odumeje, reacts to allegation by social media on their Accusations regarding his wealth and power.

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