Breaking News: Nigerians share horrible tales about killer Akwuzu SARS and CSP James Nwafor.

Nigerians share horrible tales about killer

Nigerians share horrible tales about killer Akwuzu SARS and CSP James Nwafor.

Nigerians share horrible tales about killer Akwuzu SARS and CSP James Nwafor. Twitter users have cried out over extra judicial killings commited by Akwuzu SARS.

Nigerians on twitter have shared horrible stories about the atrocities comitted by the Nigerian police, especially the SARS police officers in Akwuzu, Anambra state.

The SARS officers at Awkuzu are known for torturing and killing innocent young men. They raid and carry young men and force parents to sell their lands to rescue them, if you can’t provide the money you are killed. CSP James Nwafor has been fingered as the ring leader.

Below are tales from different twitter users;

shades of black tweeted;

“In September 2012 I went for a burial in Nnewi, on my way back to Awka I was arrested in Abagana by Awkuzu SARS.
This evil men swapped me with someone obviously a criminal, I was paraded mask as the supposed suspect for days in Anambra state.”

“It took my family hell to get me out from that inhumane building called Awkuzu SARS office… I was almost killed but thank God for the police spy that worked with my family, that’s how it was discovered that I was swapped with a criminal. And today I’m here to tell my story.”

Twerking goat tweeted;

“Awkuzu SARS unit is a graveyard. There are a lot of mass graves dug by them around Oji River.
There’s is high probability that 8 out 10 missing people in Anambra were picked up by men of that Unit.
My major concern is, why did Obi and Obiano protect that unit?”

“Awkuzu SARS unit under Charles Nwafor was the hub and still the hub for ritualists who seek a “legitimate” means of getting body parts.
Castration, cut off tongues and harvested kidneys were evident in the bodies dumped in Oji River but were swept under carpet.”

“Why did Peter Obi and Obiano keep mute over the complaints over Nwafor?
Was it due to invention from people like Emeka Offor and Chis Ngige, Andy Uba?
Why are these rich protecting that man?
What about how criminals who got sentenced to death were swapped for innocent students ?”

“Why is the royal father of the community keeping mute?
Wait! What of Obi of onistha?
What of the numerous ladies that got missing in that area between 2012 to 2015? Would Akwuzu SARS deny knowledge of their deaths?”

“Akwuzu SARS that has a shrine where blood of humans are used for sacrifice?
Why are people being killed every morning and evening there?
Officers shoot at inmates at random and the dead ones are dismembered by surviving inmates on the command of the officers?”

“One vital person who shouldn’t be overlooked in this Akwuzu SARS investigation is that woman that sells food opposite the Unit office and her delivery workers.
They see 1st hand the wickedness commited by these evil men and devils.
The CP then isn’t left out. He knows a lot.”

Savn Daniel twitted;

“The man whose picture appear below is @CspJamesNwafor. Further and better investigation shows that James killed more than 6,000 people throughout his stay in Anambra State. He also sells human parts of those he detained (using their bodies of for rituals), after killing them.”

Buymoore consult tweeted;

“The killing is so real. Chances of coming out alive from Akwuzu SARS is like 1/100. One of the shallow grave they used in Onitsha is now housing a church MCC AREA BY ILODIBE SERVICE LANE.”

Confidence tweeted;

“I was discussing Akwuzu SARS story with a friend yesterday on a bike,then the bike guy that carried us said his immediate younger brother went missing in the same sars station in Akwuzu since 2016 till date.”

Celestial Being tweeted;

“Akwuzu SARS was a nightmare during my time ANSU, now OOU. Once you’re in their net, if you or your parents is not highly placed,you don’t come out alive. They would tell you they kill people they arrested because they don’t want many people in their cell. @segalink @PoliceNG_CRU”

ChullionCharly tweeted;

“Just 6 days in Akwuzu SARS.. a lota hell, no bathing , no food . The hanging and the torture… the same place I lost 2 of my uncles.”

So many sad stories abound on twitter about the atrocities committed by Akwuzu SARS. Victims are asking for Justice, calling on the government to Investigate and shut down Akwuzu SARS.

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