Breaking News! NPower received over 1 million applications in 48 hours

NPower received over 1 million applications

NPower received over 1 million applications in 48 hours.

The Honourable Minister for Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development tweeted that NPower received over 1 million applications in 48hours.

Recall that NPower registration is ongoing and you can apply with the following steps.

Minister Sadiya Umar Farouq, whose Ministry supervises Npower took to Twitter to say that they register about 100 applicants a second and they have received over 1 million unique applications.

She tweeted;

“At 11:45pm on June 26th, the enrolment of @npower_ng Batch C commenced via the online portal. I am happy to announce that young and eligible Nigerians responded positively and have been applying as expected.”

“The portal has been registering about 100 applications per second and as at 7:38 pm, we had received 1,001,045 applications.”

She also thanked the other beneficiaries of the program and promised the committment of her ministry to the program.

“Batch C affords us an opportunity to enrol a new set of beneficiaries who will be upskilled to prepare them for employability or entrepreneurship. It also offers us a pipeline of skilled workers who will be critical to jump-starting the economy post- #COVID19”

“Out of the 500,000 beneficiaries enrolled in Batch A & B, about 109,823 have proceeded to establish businesses in their communities underlining the impact and imperative of @npower_ng programme.”

“I want to thank the outgoing beneficiaries of Batch A & B for their service. They have been worthy ambassadors of @NSIP_NG and I look forward to many of them impacting the economy in positive ways.”

“As the Batch C application and enrolment continues, I look forward to more success stories of positive impact from young men and women who remain the hope and future of this country.”

“@FMHDSD is committed to this program and all efforts are geared towards supporting the vulnerable members of our population. I believe that we are stronger when we work together, and we will make it through these trying times.”

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