Ondo Election 2020 Live Updates and situation report

Ondo Election 2020 Live Updates
Ondo Election 2020 Live Updates and situation report

Ondo Election 2020 Live Updates and situation report

Ondo Election 2020 Live Updates Ondo Election Live Updates, Breaking News And Situation Reports as events unfold in today’s election.

The 2020 Ondo State Governorship Election holds today 10th October 2020 and over 1.4 million voters in Ondo State from 203 electoral wards

It also cuts across 18 local government councils and 3,009 polling units in Ondo State

VOTER distribution
•Akoko S/West 87,351
•Ese-Odo 66,481
•Akoko N/East 66,290
•Idanre 64,438
•Ose 63,568
•Akure North 60,744
•Akoko N/West 58,505
•Irele 57,651
•Ifedore 54,640
•Ile-Oluji/Oke-Igbo 54,391
•Ondo East 40,496
•Akoko S/East 32,763

See the Ondo Election 2020 Live Updates and situation report below

Latest Update is that the first result from the elections has now entered – Click here to view

10:04 am – Akoko North West Ward 07:Oke Irun PU:01 st luke’s Voting ongoing inside the school. Party agents enforcing the votes being cast. Covid-19 protocols not adhered to.

10:39am– Deputy Governor and Governorship candidate of Zenith Labour Party, Agboola Ajayi has just cast his vote at Polling Unit 4, Ward 2, Ese-Odo Local Government

10:39 am– Ondo West LG Ward 11 Okelisa Okedoko/ Ogbodu PU 21 Open space at Olufemisoro St, Olufemisoro II Accreditation and voting started at 8:30am, but stopped some minutes later due to the failure of the card reader at the polling unit.

10:45am– Ward 01, PU 003 (Oke-Otunba/Geshinde), Ile-Oluji/Oke-Igbo LGA. Election in progress.

10:09am– Owo LGA IJUBU II PU 010 Ward 005 Social distancing is not maintained. No facemask no vote policy is maintained. The security officers are friendly with the voters.

10:14am– Akoko North East Ward: 11 (Oorun I) PU 005 Voting is in progress and the level of organisation is very low. No social distancing is observed as well.

10:06 am– OSE LGA Ward 7(Ijagba) Pu 06(Iviogreni) Voting is on-going at the moment but residents are not adhering to Covid19 guidelines.

10:20am– Ward 03 (Ayetoro) PU 005 of Akure North LGA Although there is low turnouts, voting exercise going peacefully. There is a total of 544 registered voters at the unit.

10.27am– PU 09, Ward 02,Akure South PDP candidate Eyitayo Jegede still on the queue. He refused to jump the queue and has been waiting since 9am.

9:59am– Akoko North West Ward 8 PU:07 maternity space Voting is peaceful at the moment. No compliance to covid-19 protocols. Party agents seen very close to voters while casting their votes.

9:21am– Akoko North East Ward: 11 (Oorun I) PU 004 Voting is in progress amidst very little social distancing. Few people are using nose masks. People are seen very close to Polling Cubicle.

9:57am– Ondo West LGA Ward 010 Oke-Otunba PU 020 Open Space at People’s Bank, Okedibo I Electorate thumb printing so as to cast their votes

09:56am– Owo LGA Ward: 05- IJEBU II Polling Unit : 006 Governor Akeredolu arrived with his convoy to cast his vote. He didn’t join the queue. Afterwards, he addressed the press and left immediately.

10:06am– Ilaje Local Governement Ward: Mahin II PU: 28/10/04/032 Ereke I: Anglican School Ereke Voting in progress, with very few voters at the booth.

10:00am– Local Government: ODIGBO LG, Ward (location): Ago alaye ward 02, Poling unit: Ago alaye, village centre 002

9:49 am– Akoko North West Ward 10 PU:14 open space in ibaramu Voting has commenced and is going peacefully. Low adherence to covid-19 protocols. 5 security personnel are on standby.

9:52am– Ese Odo local government area, Ondo South Apoi I, ward 1,Polling Unit 003 (R.C.M SCH IGBEKEBO I) Accreditation and voting is ongoing.

9:51 am -Owo LGA IJUBU II PU 006 Ward 005 Governor Akeredolu has voted. He’s now addressing the media.

Time: 9:49 AM– Local Government: Odigbo LGA. Ward: 08 Polling Unit: 003 ( Town Hall area, Odigbo. Voting ongoing.

9:51am– Ondo East, Oboto ward 7, polling unit 6, Oboto II Oboto Grammar school. Voters have lined up and started voting. Covid19 protocols observed. Security men are on ground and the place is peaceful.

8:40am– PU 1, Orunbatola/Ayebasan/Ademunimi/Lokoja at Methodist Primary School, Ward 6, Irele 1, Irele LGA Voters accreditation has not started.
9:45am -IDANRE LG Ward 02 PU 09, Youth Center Hall, St Andrews Area Polling Unit, Alade. Election was in progress until rain suddenly began. The electorates lurk around but the cues are gone.

8:39am – Ileoluji/Oke-Igbo (Ondo South Sen. District), Ward 2, PU 006 (Temidire). Accreditation is about to commence.

8:36am– Local Government: ODIGBO LG, Ward (location): Araromi obu (04), Poling unit: community high School Araromi obu (07). Election just started

7:25 AM – Akoko South West, Ward 5, PU 14, Iworin II. INEC officials on ground.

7:20 AM – At Ward 9 (Ọba-Ilẹ̀) , PU 11 of Àkúré North LGA, as INEC officials set up voting materials as electorates check for their names on the voter’s register.

7:18 AM – Ward 09 (Oba Ile), PU 008 of Akure North LGA. Voters are checking the list for their names as INEC officials are setting up electoral materials for the day.

7:16 AM – Ondo East Bolorunduro ward 3 PU 1, market/Ekimogun high school INEC officials has posted the list of registered voters and voters are seen checking out their names.

7:15 AM– At Ward 9 (Ọba-Ilẹ̀) , PU 10 of Àkúré North LGA, everything has been set as INEC officials await the commencement of voting proper.

6:55 AM – Ward 9 (Ọba-Ilẹ̀), PU 9 of Àkúré North LGA,INEC officials are pasting the voters registry and setting up materials for the day. 4 security officials (police officers) are present.

6:50 AM – Ward 9, PU 7 Àkúré North LGA,INEC officials are pasting the voters register and setting up materials. 4 security officials are present – 3 police officers and a civil defense corp.

6:47 AM – In ward 9, PU 6 of Akure North LGA,INEC officials have began setting up for voting materials. There are six policemen at the polling unit.

6:31 AM – Ose LGA. INEC officials seen at St Anglican primary school moving some materials to their polling units. Officials were seen moving materials to their area of deployment.

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