Mali Crisis: President Keita resigns (Read Full speech)

President Keita resigns

President Keita resigns

The latest news on Mali Crisis is that President Keita resigns following the unrest in the country and in a bid to avoid bloodshed in the country, Mali

President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita has resigned to avoid bloodshed after he was detained in a military coup which took over the country earlier today

It is also worthy to note that the leaders of the military coup has pledged new elections to resolve the ongoing political crisis in the fragile West African nation, Mali

Recall that President Boubacar Keita’s government had been charatcerised by months of protests over economic stagnation, corruption and a brutal Islamist insurgency that has claimed thousands of lives.

Earlier today, protesters were spotted in a new video having fun at the presidential villa of the country, Mali – watch video here

The rebel soldiers detained Ibrahim Boubacar Keita and Prime Minister Boubou Cisse on Tuesday afternoon and drove the pair to a military base in the town of Kati

Kati is a town which is near the capital Bamako, in the country, Mali which they had taken over earlier that morning.

Happy crowds were already gathered in the capital to demand Keita’s resignation, and cheered the rebels as they made their way to the 75-year-old’s official residence.

The president of the country, Boubacar Keita appeared calm as he appeared in a state television broadcast soon after midnight to declare the dissolution of the government

He also dissolved the national assembly, and said he had no choice but to resign with immediate effect to avoid bloodshed in the country, Mali

He said:

“If it pleased certain elements of our military to decide this should end with their intervention, do I really have a choice?”

“[I must] submit to it, because I don’t want any bloodshed.”

President Keita resigns

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