“Prime Jewels” a must read book by Amos George

"Prime Jewels" a must read book by Amos George

“Prime Jewels” a must read book by Amos George

“Prime Jewels” a must read book by Amos George, that is bound to make an impact on you! wanna check it out? Look below!

My name is Amos George and I am an author, I have been writing for a while now but I had to get accustomed to sending my poems out for criticism and reviews

I had to get out of my shell to unleash this book of poems composed and published for you! yes you! reading this!

Prime Jewels is a product of 30 days of writing at least one poem per day for the which is part of the inspiration behind this amazing book

After a lot of positive reviews from renowned authors and some group of friends with deep insight on poems, I decided to release the book to the general public

The name Prime Jewels is a name which perfectly represents everything the book is all about

I am sure that in at least one of the pages in this book, you will find at least one or two things that you can actually relate to

This is a brief biography about me below

George Amos is a 500 level law student at the Obafemi Awolowo University with interests in Maritime and Energy Law.

I currently work as the Creative Director for The Konnect Brand, which is a digital marketing and advertising agency.

I am a dedicated poet and I am a member of the group The Writers Cartel and collective Mans Way Of Seeing Things.

I also run a blog where I share my poetic views with the world on diverse topics and ideas and in my free time, George Amos also loves to listen to R&B music, watch anime and stay grateful to God.

You could check me out via my Twitter handle @justkiddingmayb and you can also scheme through my blog Off The Grid Thoughts

Grab the book, Prime Jewels below

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