Scientists reveal when coronavirus vaccine will be ready

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Scientists reveal when coronavirus vaccine will be ready according to a professor in Oxford university named Gilbert Sarah, read more on this page

The vaccine for the dreaded coronavirus has been called for worldwide following the massive deaths as a result of coronavirus 9jatalkative reports

The world health organisation has recorded over 110,000 deaths all over the world since the outbreak of coronavirus in the world

The coronavirus outbreak initially started in Wuhan in China before spreading to other parts of the world

Gilbert Sarah has now announced that the cure for coronavirus will be available within the next five months at most reports 9jatalkative

According to her, she and her team have been working tirelessly and human trials will commence soon enough

The scientist revealed that the first human trial for the test coronavirus vaccine they have developed will take place within the next two weeks

She also reveals that the complete vaccine for the COVID-19 disease will be ready and available within the next five months

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Scientists reveal when coronavirus vaccine will be ready

The London Times recently released a statement from the scientist who is based in Oxford university in the United Kingdom

In the statement where scientists reveal when coronavirus vaccine will be ready, she says:

“We have put together a test vaccine and we strongly believe that it will work based on the success we’ve had with its previous use”

This was the statement made by the scientist, Sarah Gilbert who is leading her team in getting a cure for the dreaded coronavirus

There have been over a million confirmed coronavirus cases all over the country since the index case was confirmed in Wuhan China a few months ago

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