Shocking story of Sanwo-olu over COVID19

Shocking story of Sanwo-olu over COVID19
Shocking story of Sanwo-olu over COVID19

Shocking story of Sanwo-olu over COVID19

The Shocking story of Sanwo-olu over COVID19 in a time when things where things going to hell one man stood in the gap today we listen to his story

In fighting the kind of novel battle posed by corona-virus, flawed leadership is any society’s weakest weapon. And Lagos, a city of over 20 million people couldn’t have afforded that. The fears, disruptions, and confusion that came with the pandemic, demanded more than just conventional leadership.

And it was such that a leader, dare i say an ‘incident commander’ someone to command the troops was needed, so an unprecedented burden was placed on governor sanwo-olu shoulders and rightly so, as Lagos the gateway to Nigeria should be in the forefront of the battle against a pandemic never once conceived or expected and so the lives of not only 20 million lagosians but all of Nigeria fell into sanwo-olu hands on February 28 2020. Having inherited a state with decayed road infrastructure, increasing traffic gridlock, especially on the Apapa corridor and other social problems, the pandemic posed a much bigger problem.

While many leaders where caught unprepared that was not the case for sanwo-olu as he heeded the words of the late fourth-century writer, Publius Vegetius, who said: “In time of peace prepare for war.” and war he did prepare for.

According to him, “in January, specifically, after we’ve cleared off the budgetary matters, the commissioner said to me that the pandemic was coming and it would get to us and what we needed to do was to activate a few things and I agreed with him. And shortly after the war began.

We didn’t know what would happen but I gave him the go-ahead, the cooperation and the approval to start preparing for the pandemic. By the end of January, we had set up a battle station where I was designated as the incident commander and the health commissioner was designated as the deputy incident commander.”

Speaking he said one of the first things to fight was fear, fear of the unknown is a dangerous thing while the rest of the country were praying it never leaves Lagos, Sanwo-Olu, assumed a very visible role, evolving strategies, and providing key information to a frightened populace. What a lot of people don’t know is how critical information is in managing public health crisis.

In this regard Sanwo-Olu, provided thorough data-driven daily updates, which supplied important information when it mattered most. People around the country looked up to Lagos, making the state a model when the virus eventually spread to other states. When fears clouded the city, Sanwo-Olu alongside his team exhibited hope and faith.

And to his credit he lead Lagos to battle against the dreaded covid-19 and came out victorious

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