Soldiers beat taxi driver to death in Calabar (see video)

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Soldiers beat taxi driver to death in Calabar today trying to enforce the lockdown order placed by the government on the state

This happened in cross River, Calabar today according to an Instagram user who witnessed the incident 9jatalkative reports

The soldiers were deployed by the cross rivers government to enforce the lockdown order which has been in effect since last week

The taxi driver was beaten by the soldiers to death for carrying passengers without face masks

The driver tried to talk to the soldiers who weren’t in any mood to listen to what he had to say today

An Instagram user witnessed the incident and said the taxi driver was beaten until he collapsed and died a few minutes later

The Instagram user identified as @ayebechristopher reported this incident to 9jatalkative

This story is also confirmed by Lailasnews today as the soldiers beat the taxi driver to death in Calabar

Watch the video here

Soldiers beat taxi driver to death in Calabar

The Instagram user revealed the incident occurred at Marian in cross rivers, Calabar where the Soldiers beat taxi driver to death

The instagram user identified as @ayebechristopher said:

“The world health organisation, WHO, stated that masks should only be worn by persons who are sick and not when one is not sick

These law enforcement soldiers do not wear protective gear like face masks, does it mean they cannot be infected with coronavirus?

Now this taxi driver has been killed, hope the Government is happy with it, there is no confirmed case of Coronavirus in Calabar and yet people are being killed”

Recall that a few days ago the governor of oyo state, Seyi Makinde recovered from the dreaded coronavirus

And just yesterday, Chinese Tech guru donated ventilators to Nigeria to help fight coronavirus

And the nigerian center for disease control, NCDC continues to release updates of the coronavirus cases in Nigeria

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