Students trapped at Seme border – Abayomi

Dr Akin Abayomi

News coming through today is that students are currently trapped at Seme border stopping them from entering Nigeria today due to coronavirus, 9jatalkative reports

The Lagos state commissioner for health, Dr Akin Abayomi said this today in a briefing where he revealed that the shutdown of borders led to the students being stranded at the borders

The students trapped at seme border in Lagos is due to the closure of borders and airways by the government to curb coronavirus

Due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19 Nigeria, the government closed entry points into the state because of the growing list of confirmed cases

As also reported by THE PUNCH the briefing was done today, Friday 27th, 2020, by the Lagos state commissioner for health

Dr Akin Abayomi at the briefing said:

“As we speak, 16 Nigerian students are trying to return to the countryz, WE have sent a dispatch to bring them to one of our isolation centre.

“We don’t have much details but the situation is under control, We will bring them to a facility to determine their risk level”

This means that the 16 students trapped at the borders who are blocked from entering the country will have to be tested before they are allowed into the country

With the confirmed cases of COVID-19 on a continuous rise despite Lagos state government revealing that 6 coronavirus patients have recovered

Nigerian states continue to be shutdown over the coronavirus outbreak with over 65 cases now confirmed and just 1 death

Lagos Governor, Sanwo-olu

All over the country there have been calls for the Lagos governor to take over the country because of his positive impact on the COVID-19 outbreak

The Students trapped at Seme border will not be allowed to enter the country except they are cleared of the dreaded coronavirus

The virus has been confirmed in several states all over the country with Lagos and Abuja leading the infection toll

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