This is us season 5 episode 3 free download

This is us season 5 episode 3 free download

This is us season 5 episode 3 free download

The series focuses on the life of the big three a set of siblings Kevin Kate and Randall It takes place mainly in the present and uses flashbacks to show the family’s past. Kevin and Kate are the two surviving members from a triplet pregnancy, born six weeks premature on Jack’s 36th birthday in 1980; their brother Kyle is stillborn.

Believing they were meant to have three children, Jack and Rebecca, who are white, decide to adopt Randall, an African American child born the day before and brought to the same hospital after his biological father William Hill abandoned him at a fire station. Jack dies when his children are 17 and Rebecca later marries Jack’s best friend Miguel.

Randall becomes a successful finance professional and marries college classmate Beth; they raise two daughters (Tess and Annie) and adopt a third, Deja. Kevin becomes a successful actor while struggling to be taken seriously. After lacking direction much of her life, Kate meets and marries Toby, pursues a career in music, gets a degree, and becomes a mother.

Most episodes feature a storyline taking place in the present (2016–2021, contemporaneous with airing) and a storyline taking place at a set time in the past; but some episodes are set in one time period or use multiple flashback time periods. Flashbacks often focus on Jack and Rebecca c. 1980 both before and after their babies’ birth, or on the family when the Big Three are children or adolescents (and played by two sets of younger actors); these scenes usually take place in Pittsburgh, where the Big Three and their parents are born and raised

Somw episodes focuses on earlier experiences including Randall’s family members William, Deja, and Beth. Beginning in the second season, the show also uses flashforwards to show a later time period, when Randall’s daughter Tess is an adult and an elderly Rebecca is on her deathbed

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