Tornado hits Nashville Tennessee

Homes destroyed and eight dead as tornado hit Nashville Tennessee.png
Tornado hits Nashville Tennessee

Tornado hits Nashville Tennessee, a strong tornado hit Nashville Tennessee last night which left several homes destroyed and about eight persons confirmed dead

over ten thousand homes were on total blackout due to the very heavy storm which left a lot of homes in total ruins

A lot of officials have been running helter skelter to find the exact extent of the damage

Initial report as tornado hits Nashville Tennessee

Eight persons have been confirmed dead so far including two in the eastern Nashville and a further four in putnam city as confirmed by the Tennessee emergency services

Plus a further four which were in another location in the same region as the report confirms

You can see a pictorial representation of the Nashville tornado damage which is shown below:

Tornado hits Nashville Tennessee
Homes destroyed and eight dead as tornado hit Nashville Tennessee

The tornado which hit Nashville were reported to have hit about three times at Camdem city

The tornado then ravaged through Nashville Tennessee at 11pm central time

It is also reported to have hit Putnam city at a very high rate at about 2am central time

The damage

The hospitals in Nashville have reported about 20 persons who were admitted in the wake of the deadly storm which ravaged the city

The Nashville fire department is now responding to over 40 damaged buildings

This occurred in the wake of the storm with many of them now in ruins

Control report

Over 40 collapsed structures have also been reported by the agency who have been working tirelessly

In as much as the situation is being sorted out there are fears over the possibility of another storm hitting the city

One of the most damaged areas by the tornado is mt. Juliet

which is approximately about twenty miles to the east of Nashville Tennessee

More updates coming up soon.

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