USA Election 2020 results Biden wins Arizona

USA Election 2020 results Biden wins Arizona

USA Election 2020 results Biden wins Arizona

USA Election 2020 results Biden wins Arizona making him the first democrat candidate since 1996 to win the popular state in the United States of America

And with his win in Arizona, Biden took away from President Donald Trump 11 pivotal electoral votes that were largely known to be Republican.

Although Trump ran up the score in rural Arizona, Biden carved a path through fast-changing Maricopa County, where Phoenix and its suburbs supply some 60 percent of the state’s electorate.

It was the largest county in America to go to Trump in 2016, but it is also at the center of twin trends reshaping Arizona politics: disaffected suburbanites migrating away from the Republican Party and Democratic-leaning Latinos turning out in greater force with every election.

The southwestern state broke its own records with early voting, marking a significant turnout with 2.6 million votes having been cast before Election Day.

Joe Biden also picked up an Electoral College vote in a Nebraska congressional district that voted for Trump four years ago.

The president had not converted any new territory by early Wednesday morning, today, 4th of November, 2020 even as at now

Joe Biden could bring the race to an early close by capturing Florida ended early Wednesday but this did not materialize as Trump racked up the numbers

Republicans breathed another sigh of relief when must-win Ohio was added to Trump’s column.

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