Watch Extraction 2020 Movie here (video)

Watch Extraction 2020 Movie

Watch Extraction 2020 Movie here as we follow the story of Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth), a former Australian special air force soldier turned mercenary

Tyler Rake is given a job by fellow black-market mercenary, Nik Kahn for Rake to rescue and extract a young boy

The boy, Ovi Mahajan Jr is the son of a drug lord known as Ovi Mahajan Sr. who was incarcerated

Ovi is kidnapped and held by another big drug merchant in Bangladesh identified as Amir Asif

Tyler Rake faces challenges during his mission to extract the young boy from the clutches of the drug lord

Watch Extraction 2020 Movie

Rake encounters Ovi’s father’s chief henchman identified as Saju and they collide during the mission

Extraction has been trending all over the world since it first aired online with many positive reviews of the movie

The movie has been rated highly by several movie rating websites including Rotten Tomatoes which rates the movie at 66%

IMDb also rates the new trending movie highly with a rating of 6.9/10

Extraction the movie is directed by a very special movie producer Sam Hargrave

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Watch Extraction 2020 Movie here (video) here

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