Dave Umahi: Wike is a Dictator

Dave Umahi: Wike is a Dictator
Dave Umahi: Wike is a Dictator

Dave Umahi: Wike is a Dictator

Engineer David Umahi, the Governor of Ebonyi State, has hit out at Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State calling him a Dictator.

In an Interview with Arise TV, he said this as a reaction to Wike’s statement that his defection to APC is due to his (Umahi’s) desperation to be the Country’s next president in 2023.

Wike’s dictatorial tendencies and overbearing influence on the party’s affairs had made other governors be unhappy with him.

I refused to join issues with Wike because he is my friend. But Wike must know that he is a dictator. Wike must know that one person cannot be called a crowd. Wike must know that a lot of governors in PDP are not very happy with him. He remote controls the party.

He said that I made my brother the Vice-Chairman. I fund the PDP South-east from A to Z. And he has forgotten that he singlehandedly made Secondus the Chairman. He has forgotten that he wanted to impose one of his own as minority leader of the house.

There is nothing that happens in PDP without his authorisation. He once said that PDP National Working Committee members are beggars and bribe-takers. I have asked him that let’s not take on ourselves or else it will be very dangerous.

So let’s us face the party, the party does not belong to him. And this is by no means personal and he is demonstrating the dictatorial tendencies in him by taking on me, a fellow governor. And that is very shameful

David Umahi

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